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The Indianapolis-based International Interfaith Initiative (III), in collaboration with the Village Experience, led a trip of a diverse group (including representatives from Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Evangelical, and Hindu religious communities) to the Middle East from December 27, 2009 to January 9, 2010. It was a follow-up to the very successful III Mideast trip of 2008. Read about the adventure on this blog. Look for partnership opportunities for your group at ... and be part of the next trip from Indy to the MidEast.

Friday, January 15, 2010

JSam: More photos and another film

Fr Jeff has a wonderful summary of our trip below, but he still seems to have been holding out on us with his photography. For you fellow facebookers (and those willing to admit it) you can see some of his really nice stuff at Jeff's Photos.

I wish the whole group could have been with me a couple of nights ago when I had another experience similar but nearly opposite to our meeting with Sami Awad. It was in Kefar Saba near Tel Aviv where I spent the evening with the son of a holocaust survivor who is the subject of a documentary that is in the final stages of editing. His story (as he was telling it) was as remarkable as Sami's, but from the other side of the 'wall'. It included trips back to the site of the Warsaw ghetto and several other places he formerly knew only from stories of his father. I haven't seen the film yet but have been promised a copy soon and would love to share it with anyone interested.

The whole group still haunts my thoughts, and I look forward to seeing many of you again. Also, our Team in Galilee sends their greetings to you all; many of them felt a special connection to whatever it was we were doing there. -jsam

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Charlie said...

The visit to the Church in the Galilee;the meal, dialogue and singing was a highlight of the trip. What a beautiful community and visiting the village of Jesus' time was extremely well done. I will definately recommend it to other travelers.